Our Photo Booths

Small compact design, amazing quality photo's. Live view and ring light. This powerful little booth fits nicely to any venue. This booth is fun as a sit-down booth as well.

RV Trailer Photo Booth

Have you ever went camping in a vintage trailer? What fun these little tin cans these are.

Ole Tin is its name, the interior has been refinished and restored and converted into a photo booth. The booth can fit unto 15 guests at a time. What a blast you will have.

2 red vw photo booth buses

Our newest bus is Pearl! Pearl has a new custom photo booth inside modelled to look like our classic booth. Pearl is the life of the party!  She loves weddings, birthday parties, graduations, showers, corporate events... really any event.

Unlike any other photo booth experience out there

Email, Call or Text

white vw photo booth bus

glow photo booth

classic photo booth

Photo booth Marketing experience & Your Brand Booth, this little booth is WiFi-enabled allowing you to share the photos instantly to Instagram, Facebook, Text or Email. With a variety features including: filters, boomerang (burst) video mode and single images. Its a photo marketing dream. photo booth rental

This is Dougie, a Photo Bus! it's so much more than just a Photo Booth. Take pictures inside the Photo Bus, as well as outside. Guests are All smiles when we roll up with our beauty's. Daisy is our identical 1971 bus. If one should be booked or break down... we have TWO! 

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