How many booths do you have? We have 3 VW buses and 3 vintage style booths and 2 digital tablet based booths and a Vintage 1969 RV Glendale trailer converted into a booth. We just got a rare 1964 Airstream Bambi II that we will convert.

When should we book? The sooner the better, our busy season is May to December with September as the busiest, its not uncommon for us to have double bookings in to the next year.

How to book? Fill in our booking questionaire here, the booking process takes only minutes.

How can I Pay? When you are ready to book, we will send you a link to pay online via our secure client management software.

Will there be an attendant? For sure! Usually one or two.

Do your booths have Live view? Absolutely, we understand its important to see your reflection. Ours is set up like a mirror.

How many pictures are provided? We print unlimited meaning that for every person in the booth we print one photo. Up to 10 photos.

How many fit in the bus? This is up to your attendant, but the magic number is usually 4.

Why are your prices a bit higher? We have learned a lot during our years of service, we bring backup equipment and have put many processes into place ensuring your event goes smoothly. Simply put, we know what we are doing. We also use professional equipment.. the camera is a DSLR, the printers are dye sub (have you ever been to an event and had to wait for your photos to dry!!) not here!

Do you print onsite? Of course!! Unless you chose a digital package only. What’s a photo booth without actual prints? A digital photo booth :)

Do I provide Wifi? Your venue or event planner should provide this, note that if the venue has any firewalls this might not be possible. Our Glow booth has its own internet so no problems there. We can arrange to bring a hotspot, Please ask.

Can you customize our prints? For sure, we can customize your prints and if you chose the digital booth your GIF, boomerang, stills and Image gallery are fully customizable and brandable.

I want an additional copy of each print for us, can this be done? Yep! The fee is $150.

Do you have a scrapbook? Glad you asked! We have two versions for an extra fee.
Basic black with a front cover to hold one photo, and the pages contain slots for the photos and an area for guests to leave a note next to their photo. $150.

Premium customized wooden booklet that holds blank pages with enough room for prints and notes. They are glued into the book. $250.

Our venue is far away, do you provide a generator? We have a generator, there is a fee. Please enquire. *note, we have specific requirements for generators, Please do not assume we can use yours

What are your space requirements?
VW Bus = Flat 10x20 hard surface area. we will work with you, your planner & venue to detainee this, It is ultimately our decision for bus location foe safety of your guests and venue. 

RV Trailer = Flat 10x20 It is our decision for RV location but we will work with you the best we can to ensure the safety of all people & property. There are very few venues that allow the RV indoors, its really wide.

Smaller booths = 6x9 flat area is required, note that guests usually crowd the booth so please don’t put us in a 10x10 room.

Are props included? Wait, what?... That’s a yes!!

Are there fees for early set up & idle time? Yep, the pricing for early set up is not always the same. Send us an email. Idle time is $60 per hour.

What kind of power is required? 125V unshared power source is required to be 15feet with in the booth or 25feet for the bus.

Do you do a photo shoot rental? Yeppers! Our pricing starts at $500 and depends on location. Please contact us.

Do you drive the bus? Oh yea! But we usually haul them to events.

Do you bring the bus indoors? We do but there are many things that need approval from both us and your venue. It is yours and your venues responsibility to get this approved. We require an 8x8 unobstructed doorway to enter and there may not be any obstacles to the buses final destination, Shoot us an email and we will work with you to figure it out. There is an additional fee as this means we re first in (before your tables are set) and last out.

Are kids allowed? We love kids! However children under the age of 12 will be asked to return with the supervision on an adult. Unattended children will be given 6 sodas and a puppy :)

Do you travel far? We have before, the furthest was about 4 hours away. For far way venues there is a travel fee usually $100-$200 and if we will be there past 10:30pm we ask for something be put to a nights stay.

Can you put the photos online for my guests to save? Absolutely, we upload to an online gallery and send you the link.

Do you have any special requirements?  We may ask for a Prop/Drink table. Power is always required.

What about bad weather? It happens. For our smaller booths a tent is required for outdoor events regardless of weather.

For the VW bus we ask that you and you venue prepare for this, in the least we can place the bus adjacent to a tent or venue door. We do not offer any type of refund on the account of weather, you must have a backup plan.

We need to cancel, what do we do? Unfortunately all retainers are non-refundable. We require 60 days notice of cancellation of your event. Final payments are due 30 days before your event.

If for some reason we are unable to attend your event (i.e. mechanical) we will make every effort to bring a different bus (bus color is the ultimately the decision of Toronto photo booth company) you may be given a full refund if we are unable to show.


Toronto photo booth Co. We are unforgettable photo entertainment company. Based in two locations Toronto, GTA and Simcoe County, we provide some of the most unique, fun, and engaging photo booth experiences in Ontario! 

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"The Photo Booth was a huge hit at our wedding! We will recommend them to any of our friends. They were awesome at answering all my questions. All the props were great and everyone loved using them. We received the USB fast and it was fun to see all the photos! LOVE LOVE LOVE Thanks for everything!!!"

          -- Wendi Odonnell

"What a pleasure Inge and Nicole are and they have the coolest "toys", real Buses that are photo booths, Vintage options and so much more.... you can truly add a unique experience to your event, no disappointment with this crew - professional all the way !"

          -- Susan Kuczkowski

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